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BMC Racing Team BMC Impec 2014

BMC Racing Team BMC Impec 2014

BMC Racing Team BMC Impec 2014
Pieter Van Pietersen

With many of the star riders ending their 3 year contracts in 2014 we might see more wins from them now.

BMC Racing Team is using a BMC Impec frame, Shimano C50 Tubular wheels and Dura-Ace Di2 components.

The bike components used by BMC Racing Team are listed below.

Impec 2014

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BMC Impec 2014 Complete Bike

The BMC squad are using The TimeMachine TMR01, The TeamMachine SLR01 and this Impec in 2014. All are fantastic bikes.

TimeMachine TMR01
Aerodynamics: The TimeMachine comes in just behind Merida and Cervelo, which is an excellent result.
Weight: 1549g frame and forks - standard for expensive aero frames.
And this bike is expensive. I guess that's what happens if it is made in Switzerland.

TeamMachine SLR01
Aerodynamics: The TeamMachine has a wide down tube, which means 16W more power is required at 30mph compared to the TimeMachine.
Weight: 1208g frame and forks - good for a non aero frame.

For 2/3 of the price you could get a better performing Canyon Ultimate CF. Perhaps get one when it is on sale.

Weight: -g

RRP in USD: $13750 TimeMachine $9630 TeamMachine

Dura-Ace 9000

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SRM Dura-Ace 9000 Power meter

This is the first power meter brand, from around 1986. As a result, the design appears to be the most mature and reliable. Strain gauges in the crank measure the force, and this data is sent wirelessly to the head unit.

These power meters seem to work reliably for years. Worst case is to replace the electronics, which SRM service can do (cost about $600). SRM service also need to replace the batteries for you, which is expensive and inconvenient (about $100 + calibration). When the battery is replaced, the zero offset needs to be adjusted, but you will need an oscilloscope to get the correct settings. It's not as easy as pushing a button.

SRMs are high quality and robust, which is why people love them.

SRM adds the most weight to your bike compared to other power meters: 208g over a normal Dura-Ace crank.

Pros: reliable, accurate, easy to swap between bikes. The most bling power meter to have on your bike.

Cons: Expensive, heaviest power meter, doesn't auto-calibrate due to temperature, doesn't do L-R, unit has to be sent for expensive battery replacement, no GPS in the head unit (although this is coming with the PowerControl 8, summer 2014 or pair it with a Garmin). Software is free but adequate. Better to buy WKO+

Weight: 858g

RRP in USD: $3500

Dura-Ace SRM 9000(crank only, 172.5 compact) $3295

Dura-Ace C50 tubular WH-9000

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Shimano Dura-Ace C50 tubular WH-9000 Wheels

Another piece of advice you'll ignore: don't bother with tubs. They won't sing along like you've read. They won't make you go faster. They are a pain, as gluing is messy and time consuming. You need a stash of tubs in the garage, maturing like fine wines. At $100 a tub, punctures are expensive.

While the pros have a couple of guys with strong thumbs who can glue all the tubs for them, you are better off with clinchers.

At this point I could recommend the C50 clincher version, saving you $900. BUT the C50 clincher is closer to 1900g (claimed 1672g), which you will feel when racing. As you accelerate out of corners, your bike will feel like it is mounted on a couple of massive gyros.

Go with the Shimano C24, or if you want deep section carbon, fork out for the ENVEs and Zipps of this world. My article about aero wheels here.

If you must get deep carbon tubs, then set pair will serve you very well.

Weight: 1396 g claimed, 1,460g actual (pair)

RRP in USD: $2700

You can buy the C50 tubular wheels for $2500 here or for $2145 at Wiggle. Watch out for fakes, there seem to be a lot of them for sale.

The C50 clincher wheel has an aluminium rim and sells for $1450. However these wheels don't offer much aerodynamic advantage to the C24 and are heavier and cost more, so the