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Lotto Belisol Ridley Helium SL 2014

Lotto Belisol Ridley Helium SL 2014

Lotto Belisol Ridley Helium SL 2014
Pieter Van Pietersen

Lotto Belisol is using a Ridley frames - the Helium, Noah and Fenix - Campag BORA Ultra 2 wheels, Campagnolo Super Record EPS components and Deda bars, stem, seat posts.

The Ridley Fenix gives a smoother ride for riding on cobbles.

Andre Greipel and Adam Hansen are using narrow 38cm bars on their bikes in an effort to be more aerodynamic. These are paired with a Deda Pista stem to get even lower over the front of the bike.

The bike components used by Lotto Belisol are listed below.

Helium SL 2014

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Ridley Helium SL 2014 Complete Bike

This is a light frame at 1050g for frame and forks. You could easily build a sub 6kg bike from this base.

The pro team is using Campagnolo Bora wheels, not the ones shown in the picture. The EPS battery is now also internal, which cleans up the lines.

Andre Greipel and Adam Hansen are using 38cm bars. When you first ride bars that narrow it almost feels like you are on a time trial bike. I found that there was less leverage, but since the bike I used didn't have a powermeter, I can't say if peak wattage was lower as a result. The wind tunnel says that it is a faster position, and it would certainly help with scything through the bunch in the final 5km.

Weight: 1050g frame and forks

RRP in USD: $9300 2013 model with Fulcrum wheels and SRAM

You can get a complete Noah bike here with Di2 for $8108.

You can get a Helium (2013) with SRAM Red for $6986 here.

BORA Ultra 2 tubular

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Campagnolo BORA Ultra 2 tubular Wheels

50mm deep carbon rims, carbon hubs, ceramic bearings, low front spoke count, light weight, reputable manufacturer. Nothing there points to bad performance. They are well liked wheels which feel solid and reliable. I hesitate to say they feel fast, as in my opinion, wheels never do. How can you tell if you're going 1mph faster?

The question is, do you like the bold graphics, and do you mind paying the high asking price? At that price you could look at the Lightweight Meilenstein which is 210g lighter (and $600 cheaper).

Perhaps consider the Bora One wheels which have the same rim but alloy hubs and steel bearings and are only about 30-40g heavier but around $1,300 less.

Weight: 1310g 565g front 745g rear

RRP in USD: $4365

The Bora Ultra Two tubular wheelset sells for $3478 here. There's no clincher version available.

At this price, perhaps look at Lightweight or ENVE wheels at $2950. If you are a Campagnolo rider, you won't be able to run C50 tubular wheels - $2145 at Wiggle , which are a fair bit cheaper.

Noah Fast

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Ridley Noah Fast Frame and forks

The roughened strips on the sides of Lotto-Belisol's Ridley Noah FAST head tubes and seat tubes help passing air 'stick' to the frame by disrupting the boundry layer.

Weight: -g

RRP in USD: $-

You can get a complete Noah with Di2 here for $8108.

Super Record 11 Ultra-Torque Ti EVO

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ultra-Torque Ti EVO Cranks

To fit the cranks requires Campagnolo's proprietary installation and removal tools.

Campagnolo UT-BB120 tool Bottom Bracket Cup tool
Campagnolo UT-BB110 tool Ultra Torque fixing bolt tool

You can also get a BB30 model. All Super Record bottom brackets are supplied with ceramic bearings. I don't believe the 3.5W saving over steel bearings, however.

If you get the standard 'Super Record 11 Ultra Torque Titanium Crankset' then you'll save about $300 but will be 56g heavier. Can you bear it?

Weight: 584g 172.5mm arms compact

RRP in USD: $1025

Super Record 11 cranks are selling for $789 here although these are compact or for $635 here (standard 53x39).

Super Record 2014 11 Speed

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Campagnolo Super Record 2014 11 Speed Front Derailleur

Very similar to the Record model, just 4g lighter and it says "Super" on the top. Regardless, it works well, trims, and will accommodate 24-55 teeth chainrings. Expensive when you think that a Shimano Di2 front derailleur is selling at $350.

Weight: 129g

RRP in USD: $855

You can buy an entire EPS upgrade kit in a box here for $2700 or just the front derailleur for $756.

Super Record 11 Speed EPS

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed EPS Levers

These work as well as the Shimano Di2 levers. They are probably easier to get used to, since the shifting control is similar to the mechanical version. These levers also give a more audible click compared to Di2, which you may prefer (I don't).

With the downshift lever on the inside of the hood, it can be reached with your thumb while in the drops, so a special sprint button isn't required.

These are actually cheaper than Dura-Ace and feature integrated CPU functions, but you still need a CPU fixed to your stem with ugly zip-ties.

Weight: 265g pair

RRP in USD: $780 pair

A single lever sells for $253 here and of course you'll need two.

Powercontrol VII

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SRM Powercontrol VII Computer

Very expensive compared to a Garmin and no GPS capability until Mid 2014 when the Powercontrol 8 is released.

If you are using an SRM then this does look good. I find it difficult to remember what the buttons do.

Weight: 65g

RRP in USD: $750

These cost $750 pretty much everywhere. Hard to find a new one on discount. Perhaps when the PC VIII comes out the price will drop (Except you'll want a PC VIII).

Super Record 11 Speed EPS

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed EPS Rear Derailleur

It does look good with all that carbon. The motor is quite well hidden inside the derailleur body.

The pulleys have holes to save weight, but these tend to fill with oily gunk, which weighs more than plastic. So unless you keep them very clean, the benefits will be lost.

As with Shimano Di2, this derailleur has a 'Ride Back Home' function. If the battery dies or if there is a crash, the motor is uncoupled, so the derailleur may be positioned manually.

Weight: 206g

RRP in USD: $750

A Campagnolo Super Record EPS 11S Rear Derailleur 11S Short Cage Carbon sells for $468 here and $765 here.

Super Record 11 Speed

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Cassette

Five of the sprockets are steel (the smallest ones i.e. 11-15). The other 6 are steel. They are mounted on an aluminium body. The reason for using steel is to save weight, reduce cost and improve wear. it is better to use Ti on the larger cogs as these have less load on them, and can be made lighter than with steel. Its a fine balancing act.

Light and quiet running, it is nevertheless rather expensive.

Available sizes:
11-23, 11-25, 12-25, 12-27, 12-29

Weight: 177g (Actual: 194g for 12-27)

RRP in USD: $470

The Record 11 cassette is selling for $299 for 12-25 here (other sizes more expensive, but 12-25 is a good cassette) and Super Record for $332.45 here.

Chorus cassettes $145 are a fair bit cheaper and only 59g heavier.

Super Record 11 Speed

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Brakes

A great functioning brake caliper, only available in black.

The main issue is cleaning the things with all those holes. Brake dust and grime will accumulate, and you'll need pipe cleaners and ear buds to get it out. Who can be bothered with that?

Campagnolo has finally fixed their brake pad issue. They used to be impossible to remove, which is a pain if you need to regularly change the pads for carbon or alloy rims. The pads now slide easily out of the shoes.

The rear brake has a single pivot design, which makes the brake a little lighter and less powerful than the front dual pivot. This is useful, as less braking force is required at the rear wheel.

Weight: 272g Mono/Dual pivot

RRP in USD: $335

The single pivot version is selling for $300 here or $312.50 here . The dual pivot version costs a more at $390 here


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Deda Zero100 Handlebars

Andre Greipel is another pro rider using the unremarkable but entirely trustworthy aluminium bars and stem combination.

The weight is quite reasonable at under 250g. The drop is compact at 128mm. A deep drop bar would be about 140mm.

If you really want to spend more on carbon, then try the PRESA which is 214g but costs over double the price and will be a bit less stiff.

Deda measure the bars from the outside rather than the center, so a 44cm Deda bar would be equivalent to a 42cm bar of other brands. Note that Andre Greipel is using the very narrow 40cm version (like a 38cm bar) to be more aerodynamic. If you decide to choose a narrower bar, then remember to add some length to your stem.

Weight: 248g

RRP in USD: $140

Deda Zero 100 bars sell for $109.25 or for $88 here.

Competition 22 Tubular

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Continental Competition 22 Tubular Tires

I've used these for many years and can happily report that they are great tires. I've rarely suffered from punctures - twice with pieces of flint and once when I left the wheels fully pumped in a hot car. Expensive mistake.

Did they 'sing' as tubular tires are supposed to? No, not really. I actually felt that my GP4000S clinchers rolled better. I tried putting 140psi (10bar) but it was quite jarring. I tried 120psi, but that felt a bit sluggish.

Eventually, I decided to stop the hassle of fitting tubulars and have gone with deep section ENVE clinchers. A better solution for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours, effort and money on tire maintenance when they could be lying in bed watching TV (resting).

I'm still running Conti Competitions on my disk wheel.

The pro riders are using a different version of this tire called the Pro Ltd, in 25mm size (standard is 22mm). Continental Pro Ltd tubular. It has a latex inner tube rather than the standard butyl. The ride feels more supple as a result, but like all latex tubes, they do lose air overnight. I can't find anywhere to buy the Pro Ltd versions as they can only usually be sourced on eBay from pro team mechanics.

Veloflex do a similar quality tire with latex inner tube which is available to the public, and FMB are now working with Specialized, so expect their tubulars to be available too.

Weight: 230g

RRP in USD: $105

The Continental Competition tubular sells for $81 or $68 here. It is very difficult to find the Pro Ltd version.


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Deda ZERO 100 PISTA Stem

As used on Andre Geipel's bike. This stem has a 70 degree angle which means it points downwards when on the bike, to yield a very low position. Weight good - as light as comparable carbon fiber offerings, and meanwhile the price is excellent. I found one for $45 at

Weight: 126g for 11cm

RRP in USD: $89

The Deda Zero 100 Pista Track stem sells for $69 here or for $71 here.

Super Record 11 Speed

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Chain

This chain has a Ni-PTFE treatment which should yield lower friction and a longer life.

It runs quietly, and has a high 'retention force' so it is less likely to snap when being shifted under load.

The major downside is the requirement to use a special Campagnolo chain tool (UT-CN 300 that's an anagram eh?) to join it. At nearly $200 that's a lot of money for a chain riveter. Normal tools don't work right.

I recommend using a quick link instead.

Weight: 245g

RRP in USD: $84

You can buy a Campagnolo Record 11 Chain for $65 here.
You can also buy a KMC 11 - Speed Missing Link for $31. The Park Tools chain tool is $53.50.

Tao Carbon

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Tacx Tao Carbon Bottle Cage

This is a light bottle cage at 29g. However it is about five times the price of the Elite Custom Race which is 41g. You'll have to decide if the extra cost is worth it.

The Tacx Tao bottle cage holds bottles securely (500ml - 750ml used). Some bottles won't fit as they are too wide, so do check carefully before buying. The bottles are easy to insert and retrieve and the design means that the bottles don't get marked. (Aluminium cages tend to tattoo the bottles).

However there's a major flaw. The plastic tab $7.99 at the bottom of the cage snaps after a few months of usage. It isn't strong enough for the job. This has happened on three Taos that I've owned, so I've given up and moved to Elite. On that basis, I do not recommend this bottle cage.

Weight: 29g

RRP in USD: $80

Tao Carbon cage with bottle selling for $81 here.

Plastic tabs available separately: $7.99 here


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