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Cat 6 racing or commuter racing

London Cycle Hire bikes. The yellow bike is to commemorate the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire. Will you be the yellow jersey of commuting from Green Park to Hyde Park Corner?

Cat 6 racing or commuter racing 12/18 2013 by Pieter Van Pietersen

Some people like to race while commuting. They might see another rider ahead, put their head down and start working hard to catch up and overtake. Victory! I am the champ. Kneel before me and kiss my Sidis.

Is it just a bit of fun or is it for losers who don't enter proper races?

Called 'The Game' or 'Silly Commuter races'. It revolves around overtaking cyclists that are supposedly 'higher up the food chain' than yourself whilst trying to look as if you are not trying. There is a long thread on this on the bike radar forum.

Whilst it is all just a bit of fun, don't forget that it proves little about your fitness.
If you want to race, just enter a race and see how well you go.

You might actually find you're good at it.

My opinion is that commuter racing is a waste of time.

It's not a race . org website

BikeRadar forum topic on commuter racing. This started on 30 June 2008 and had 50,000 posts as I type this

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